The inclusion of a CMC in a consulting engagement ensures delivery of a higher level of management consulting services.

The more carefully you select your management consultant, the more likely you are to be pleased with the outcome of the engagement.


Management consultants provide professional services that complement your team's skills so you can continue to concentrate on your core competencies as you explore unique opportunities, resolve issues and refine your business practices.

Professional management consultants bring a learned, objective viewpoint and a focused skill set to your organization.



​There are three simple but essential elements to successfully engaging a management consultant:

  • Identify the need for management consulting services

Is there a problem you need to resolve, an opportunity you want to capitalize on?  What needs to be accomplished to meet your goals?  Do you require assistance to articulate your goals?

  • Carefully select a management consultant based on knowledge, demonstrated skills and competencies

In effect, when engaging a consultant you should perform the same due diligence as you would in hiring a permanent employee.  Ensure that the consultant has experience dealing with your specific circumstances.  Ask about relevant academic degrees that pertain to the tasks you want the consultant to perform.  Ask for references from other clients and follow up on them.

  • Work with the consultant to ensure that the assignment is satisfactorily completed in accordance with the proposal.

Management consultants typically submit a proposal describing their understanding of the client's needs, their approach, methodology, proposed deliverables, credentials and professional fees.

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