"The planning session was the best one for me and I have attended at least 12 in the past.  You really got everything on the table and was able to pull it together in a priority order..great job."

Board Director, technology services company

  • ​Financial Services
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • International Development Agencies
  • Health Care
  • Associations
  • ​Charities / Foundations
  • Municipal Government
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Technology Services


Frameworks For Change works with clients in diverse industries and sectors including: private, public, co-operative and non-profit.


Our Clients

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"Once again you did a great job with anticipated results.  It is my pleasure to offer testimony regarding Kelly Bottone as it would relate to facilitating a planning session or in general leading and promoting discussion about a given subject.  She has been our planning facilitator for the last several years and has left us with a wonderful written summary of where we have been and a consensus as to where we are heading.  Her preparation before the events themselves was very thorough and helped everyone understand better the planning objectives sought."

CEO, financial institution

"Frameworks For Change brings a fresh, balanced and intelligent approach to facilitating any association, company or organizaion needs.  Kelly Bottone has all the skills to engage all participants in a meaningful and productive dialogue.  Kelly does not smother or aggressively showboat because the event is not all about her, rather it is all about the client.  Kelly is a total professional, who does her homework, conveys a great attitude and gets results."

Executive Director, provincial association

"Frameworks For Change assisted our Board of Directors in enhancing their governance practices through the creation of a Director's individual self-appraisal tool and facilitation of a related implementation process - a professional, comprehensive tool was developed and through implementation, Directors were able to gain useful insights enabling the Board to enhance corporate governance practices going forward."

Vice President, health sector procurement organization


We have built client relationships with the following types of organizations:


Our clients have a market reach which varies in scope from the local community to provincial/state, national and global outlooks.

While we are based in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, we provide support to clients wherever in the world they conduct business, whether that is in Canada, U.S.A., Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia.

"I really have enjoyed the sessions. I do hope we can continue keeping in touch. Your depth of knowledge and background really amazes me. Thanks again."

Board Director, financial institution

"Frameworks For Change was engaged to assist staff with the analysis of a wide variety of consumer behaviours and customer survey results related to their participation in recreation and leisure activities.  Quickly, Kelly developed an organization structure for the information and cross-referenced and focused the information into a useable and succinct document, which was then able to be provided to City Council and the public for review and adoption.  This analysis was critical to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan process and the formation of resulting public policy decisions."

Commissioner, municipality

"Frameworks for Change was engaged by the City to assist with the development of service plans for the Community Services Department.  Kelly Bottone demonstrated her analytical finesse for the development of the content, planning process improvements and the ability to synthesize the outcomes of the information provided by staff into a logical and understandable format.  The project would not have been as timely and successful without her input."

Commissioner, municipality

"Kelly Bottone was instrumental in assisting the Board of Directors launch our charitable foundation across the province.  She educated us in the workings of a foundation, designed and facilitated our inaugural strategic planning session, developed a Board policy manual and prepared communication tools for our use with donors. With Kelly's assistance, the foundation was positioned to embark on a clear path to success."

Board Director, provincial foundation

"It is great to see the process continue.  The meeting atmosphere has improved and all topics are discussed with proper courtesies extended.  You have gotten them started down the path to becoming an effective board.  I feel very confident that the goals we discussed at that first meeting are attainable.  I could not have gotten the process started without your assistance and guidance.  I thank you very much for this guidance and I am sure the board and management does too."

Board Chairman, national auto parts distributor

Strengthening corporate governance ​to enhance organizational performance

"I would like to offer my thanks for your expedited and comprehensive effort aimed at reviewing and recommending improvements to our corporate performance measures.  We will be considering all your recommendations with the aim of implementing them to improve our current portfolio of measures and drive improved performance.  Your report was forwarded to our VP, Corporate Services and his feedback was that the report was very thorough and comprehensive, and shows considerable understanding of our situation and considerable effort on your part in addressing this key area for us.  Accordingly, future undertakings will certainly include your name on our list of consultants."

Corporate Planning Lead, provincial electricity market operator

"Thank you for all your expertise and assistance during my business planning and budget.  You've made this huge task seem realistic and manageable with the right focus and business acumen. Thank you a million times!"

CEO, financial institution