​The value and importance of effective corporate governance should be an integral part of the culture of every organization, beginning with the Board of Directors and flowing through to front-line staff.

We provide the following types of services to assist clients in the 'art' & 'science' of corporate governance:

  • Review of Board Structure – e.g. relevance, committees terms of reference, skills composition, board-to-board relationships
  • Director Education – e.g. roles/responsibilities training, interactive workshop discussion of current board process issues/concerns, focused topic workshops, Director orientation sessions
  • Board Policies – e.g. policy gap analysis, drafting of policies, organization of policy manual, review of bylaws
  • Board Renewal – e.g. director skills/experience mapping, director recruitment policy/process review & materials development, Board succession planning process
  • Strategic Planning/Business Planning – e.g. designing/facilitating Board/Management planning retreats
  • Risk Management – e.g. policy development, Board/Audit committee/Management risk assessment/mitigation processes, monitoring/reporting tools development
  • Board Evaluation – e.g. designing Board-As-A-Whole, individual Director and Peer evaluation processes and related tools, facilitating evaluation processes through compilation of results and delivery of related recommendations for performance improvement and Board workshop discussions on the same
  • CEO Evaluation – e.g. designing CEO annual evaluation process and related tool, facilitating evaluation process through compilation of results
  • CEO Recruitment – e.g. designing CEO recruitment process and tools, facilitating process of recruitment with Board
  • Chair / CEO Coaching – e.g. Board relations, Board/Management relations, role of Chair, role of Board vs. Management, Chair/CEO relations, Board Chair/Committee Chair relations, stakeholder relations, strategic/business planning, Board meeting preparations/agenda design

Strengthening corporate governance ​to enhance organizational performance

Our Services

To effectively deliver our services, we have aligned our practice into the following key areas:

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To further support strengthening of corporate governance, the following services related to strategic/business planning are delivered:

  • ​Strategic Planning/Business Planning Processes – e.g. designing/facilitating Management planning retreats, designing/facilitating Full Staff (large group) planning sessions
  • Strategic Plans/Annual Business Plans – e.g. drafting comprehensive annual business plans, articulating vision/mission/values/goals/objectives, critiquing/editing annual business plans, critiquing/developing performance metrics linked to business plan, developing progress reporting tools linked to business plan


Beyond Board and CEO performance management discussed under the Art & Science of the Board of Directors’ Role & Functions, additional performance management services are provided to strengthen overall corporate governance and enhance organizational performance:​

  • Organizational Performance Management – e.g. crafting meaningful organization-wide performance metrics aligned with corporate business plan; developing balanced scorecard tools linked with business plan
  • Human Resource Performance Management – e.g. assisting CEO in developing performance management plans for senior manager direct reports
  • Operational/Organizational Reviews – e.g. underlying organizational structures and operational processes impacting governance processes are reviewed for efficiency and effectiveness


Communications plays an integral supporting role in corporate governance processes including Board functioning, corporate planning and performance management. Additional communications services are provided in support of strengthening corporate governance frameworks:

  • Discussion Papers – e.g. stakeholder white papers re: key issues/proposals concerning governance changes
  • Stakeholder Communication – e.g. Board/Stakeholder and Management/Stakeholder communications re: Board actions, strategy, planning process, performance management
  • Research – e.g. research of an environmental scan/competitive intelligence nature used in support of strategic planning, research regarding Board operations